Has this happened to you? You visit a furniture showroom and are inspired by a new item on display. In fact, you fall in love with it, only to discover that it clashes with most of your other furnishings. One of two things are happening: either your home layout is no longer keeping pace with your lifestyle or tastes or you are simply ready for a new experience. Do not look at it as if your inspiration was wrong. Rather, look at it as a signal that you are ready to create.  This is a great time to invest in a design analysis with me.  Not only do I see your space with fresh eyes, but I can also see areas for improvement or change.

During a space analysis with Cocobello, I review the use of the actual space, measure, photograph and take inventory for necessary furniture or items needed to make the space function properly.  If you love to shop, I will leave you with a list of items/furnishings needed, minimum and maximum sizes of each, colors that are needed and shapes and textures.  This way you are armed with all the information necessary to make decisions about your space and feel confident in your purchasing.  Or I can shop with you and we can make decisions at that time or let me pull the whole look together with pricing.  If you love it – we’ll order it.