"A Day in the Life of an Interior Designer" with Cocobello Interiors.

No two days are the same in the life of a spatial artist. That’s what keeps us going! I, like most other Interior Designers, thrive on the element of change, surprise, and challenge. From the first time I ‌see a client’s space, my imagination is running wild with ideas and the thrill continues all the way through the project’s process. 

Meeting new and upcoming international vendors, traveling for inspiration, and perusing this season’s colors and textures while taking in the sweet scent of fresh textiles, to name a few. There is a lot of allure to the Interiors industry – many of which resonate with me personally; let me share some of my favorite routine elements of daily design with you!   

Absorbing Inspiration 

Inspiration is all around us whether we are noticing it or not, but as a designer, I can honestly say that 99% of the time I am noticing. Recognizing elemental combinations for the first time, appreciating movement in the bustling city streets to incorporate into my art, bold window displays, and the fresh tints and shades of nature that welcome new life and energy.

I gain so much no matter where my adventure starts and ends. Not only is it time away for my brain to regenerate but exploration for my senses. What I see, feel, touch, and smell are all things I can bring back to my clients to make unique spaces that can’t be duplicated. Shopping for future or current client projects – on my travels offers originality with meaning; a story behind their personalized pallet. – A space like no other.  

Playing with the Trends 

Big reveals of the season’s most “to die for” design elements filter in like eye candy for the masses. Lavish displays of textures, bold introductions of color, or the clean, calm, and collectedness of neutrals… you’ve probably experienced the exclusive selection of the year’s finest displayed in magazines, storefronts, and television networks across the US. 

You love it – I LIVE for it! In fact, as an Interior Designer, it’s my duty to attend decor and design markets held throughout the country to stay ahead of the game and on trend. High Point, North Carolina is “The Home Furnishings Capital of the World”  holding some of the most sought-after markets, showcasing top labels and the most influential newcomers. 

But hot new trends extend past the imagery into the technology we rely on to make our homes and businesses function seamlessly. Cutting-edge options for appliances and altogether new patented ways to make our lives easier are things most of us are on the lookout for. So attending the annual KBIS Market for kitchen and bath innovation is on my list of “musts” every year, because who wouldn’t love to spend less time cleaning, doing laundry, and maintaining their space? Scoping out the tech trends not only equally excites me and my clients, but educates clients on the variety of options that are currently out there and the new ones on the horizon. The more my clients know, the smarter they can make investment decisions about their dream home or business designs. 

Working with new and returning trends keeps things fresh, and cutting edge while encouraging me to constantly stretch my artistic abilities. There’s nothing more satisfying than transforming an outdated space with all the allure people recognize surrounding them. Out with the old, in with the new – finding comfort in an elevated space designed specifically with their taste in mind. 

Framing for Functionality 

Perhaps one of the most passionate challenges that I look forward to in my job is helping clients use every inch and make every inch count for my clients. Whether we can add square footage to a space or need to simply redesign and reallocate, my goal is the same. To make the lives of my clients easier with a high-functioning design that makes sense for them in their current and sometimes even future seasons of life. Where most people see a boulder, I see a pit of space – an opening I can expand into. 

Partnering with my clients to help decipher what ‌they actually want and need is probably my favorite part, though because I get the rare opportunity to help someone else define their dreams. Put it out on paper. And make it happen. 

As an Interior Designer, I am a change maker. A Fairy Godmother of Furnishings. A curator of culture. Each day starts with something new and ends sometimes thousands of miles away from home leading me to inspiration, expression, and originality. With the mentality of “expect the unexpected”, I am always grateful for the core elements that are Interior Design.