CORAL GABLES, FL — The rise of spa-inspired bathrooms, or “spathrooms,” along with a move toward the use of metallics, sustainable solutions, and “resimmercial” design – combining key elements of both commercial and residential spaces – are among the latest trends in home design, according to a major new report.
     The report, released by Cosentino Group, the global supplier of sustainable surfaces for architecture and design, was based on a survey by market-research firm IPSOS, along with insights from leading designers, architects, and design-inspired homeowners.
     According to Cosentino, the lines between home, work, and play are “blurring further” in the post-pandemic world – leading, among other trends, to the rise of “resimmercial” design across both commercial and residential spaces.
     When asked which elements from a resort or hotel they’d most like to incorporate in their home, both homeowners and design professionals said that a spa-inspired bathroom and indoor/outdoor walkout patio are their top choices. 70% of surveyed designers said they look to resorts and hotels for renovation inspiration, and 58% find ideas from a specific travel destination, researchers found.

Among other leading design trends reported by Cosentino:

Transforming Bathrooms into “Spathrooms:” According to Cosentino, as more Americans prioritize health, the bathroom is moving beyond practicality and transitioning to a “spathroom” – a haven for wellness and relaxation. 69% of surveyed designers and 53% of homeowners reported a spa-inspired bathroom as the number-one hotel design element they’d like to see in their home. To achieve that goal, both designers and homeowners said they’d incorporate large tile/stone slabs, a high-end vanity, an oversized bathtub, and luxury flooring.

Kitchens are King: “It’s no secret the kitchen is the heart of the home, and designers and homeowners agree that it’s their number-one renovation priority,” Cosentino said. “As kitchens continue to be a hub for dining, entertaining and relaxing, a personalized, functional ‘dream kitchen’ is more important than ever,” the company reported. Integrated outdoor kitchens are a favorite design element, with more than 83% of designers and 70% of homeowners citing it as a top focus for their outdoor space, Cosentino said. 

Metallics Making a Statement: In 2024, metallics will continue to influence design elements from countertops to showers and fixtures, according to Cosentino. “For many, it’s the perfect way to add a personal touch,” Cosentino said, noting that surveyed designers selected metallic accents as their top up-and-coming trend, while homeowners rated it as number two. “When it comes to how they’re being used, nearly 80% of designers say they’d incorporate metallic accents in their shower projects, followed by cladding, fireplaces, and kitchen countertops,” Cosentino said.

Sustainability a Mainstay: Environmental impact continues to be a top priority for discerning homeowners and designers – whether using sustainable products, environmentally friendly practices, or long-lasting materials that don’t need to be replaced as often. In fact, 84% of surveyed designers said they prioritize products made with responsibly sourced materials, while more than 70% of Millennials and Gen Z value products made with minimal to zero water waste or responsibly sourced materials, respectively, Cosentino said.

Earth tones are in. Rustic is out: Earth tones and neutral palettes are the “in-style trend” for both homeowners and designers, Cosentino said. “Interestingly, 70s-inspired design is the most polarizing, with respondents selecting it as both an up-and-coming and an out-of-style trend,” the company noted. “One thing everyone can agree on is that rustic and modern farmhouse looks are going out of style.” 

 Luxury Inside and Out: Homeowners continue to look for ways to transform their outdoor spaces, and are investing in upgrades like fire features and outdoor bars and entertaining spaces. Beyond these upgrades, designers are also focusing on outdoor kitchens, pools, and plunge pools to create a “backyard oasis,” Cosentino said.




Article from Kitchen & Bath Design News – March 2024