Cocobello Interiors is a boutique design firm that creates functional and stunningly beautiful residential spaces. 

With a focus on quality materials, Cocobello is known for using light, color and balance as its guiding elements to meet each client’s unique living arrangement.


I am a long standing member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers). ASID members have training and gain expertise to manage all the details of a project from start to finish. We are required to meet quotas for continuing education annually. Does your designer know the ins/outs of building codes? Varied principles of design? Do they know about  legal space requirements when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms?

Cocobello Interiors opened in 2003 as a home decor boutique in downtown Hudson, WI. At that time I was going to wait a year until I started my design firm, but word got out and I ended up starting my design business a mere month later.  

I believe in keeping the health, safety and welfare of my clients in mind with every job. This ethic is passed along to all the contractors I recommend or hire. My contractors and I make a fabulous team and take the worry, headache and mistakes out of your remodel or your new build.

In a master bathroom remodel I completed in the fall of 2016, I kept a log of ALL the decisions that were made from day one with the client. In this project which was for a typical sized bathroom remodel, we made over 623 decisions. 623!! Do you realize that is 623 places to make a costly mistake? Hiring a professional takes the fear out of the decision making. Plus I free up a tremendous amount of my client’s time. Unless they have the time to shop, return items, and shop again. Let Cocobello help you eliminate any unnecessary trips and get the decision right the first time.


How honored and grateful I am to be doing what I love and dreamed about all my whole life. I certainly didn’t start and stay in my dream job. After an architectural education I took a turn into the banking world.  Became very comfortable with my work, but it was definately not challenging or creative. At the age of 40 I went back to school for Interior Design.  In 2003 I opened a home decor boutique in the historic downtown area of Hudson, WI. Within a week I had my first design job – and I never looked back. 2014 I made the decision to close the retail portion of my business to concentrate 100% on design. I take on a wide spectrum of projects from single bathrooms to whole new builds.  I tailor each of my projects to each client because everyone has different needs. I love getting inspiration from everywhere I travel and from each of my clients.

When you hire me, you are hiring a team member that is on your side. We create an environment that suits the way you and your family live together. My expertise lies in the coordination of all aspects of construction and design. I specialize in floor planning, furniture placement, color scheming, managing contractors and site inspections. Growing up on a farm in La Crosse, WI gave me an incredible work ethic, discipline and problem solving skills.

As One of My Clients Wrote,

“When it comes to working with Marianne, no project is too big or small. It’s not about doing a house all in one shot,” said Kelly. “No matter what the size, Marianne gives it the same care,” she added. “I like to refer her to other people I know. I have a lot of friends who are busy at work. They want their house to look nice, but they don’t have much time. I open the conversation by suggesting that they ‘just meet her. The last referral I made was to a woman who said, ‘I don’t have any time, but I’m sick of my white walls.’ You’ve got to meet Marianne!” I told her.

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