From Bare to Polished

Challenge accepted.  Objective was to turn a barn/building into an entertainment area where  the owner of this horse training complex could entertain horse owners.  I needed to include a kitchen with a bar, dining area, sitting area and a bathroom all in a very rectangular building with cement floors.

In order to make the area more intimate I divided the area into zones: food prep, dining and socializing.  A see-through fireplace surrounded by stone brought the outdoor feeling in and gave a more masculine feel to the room.  We polished the cement floor and brought a warmer color to the walls.  I purchased size appropriate furniture and designed a kitchen to make, serve and store food.  Draperies and rugs offered acoustical absorption that was highly needed in hard surface areas.

The clients can now separate into groups if needed, while each of the owner’s horses can be brought up to the large sliding doors that run the length of the building.  The clients can see their horses being trained, groomed or just brought out to be shown.