Update to Live

This project involved giving this townhome an airy and light Nantucket feel.  In talking to Lynne and Jim, I found out that they had remodeled their master bedroom and bathroom the year before and loved the feel.  They wondered if they could get that feel in a larger space and how that could be accomplished.  They felt they needed someone more than a builder/remodeler to give them the look and feel they desired.

We started off with a typical kitchen full of honey oak stained cabinetry with a large pass through on top of the peninsula that went into the dining room.  The wood continued into the living room as molding and trim then up the stairs in the wooden rails.  Darker walls and older period tile flooring added to this outdated feel.  They asked if I could look at their laundry room to and offer ideas to gain more space.  The contractor had told them to get a stacking washer and dryer to give them more room.

The finished product incorporated a majority of their existing furniture, yet gave them the feeling of a seaside retreat.  Two key pieces were:

Removing the pillar causing the look of a pass-through to the dining room.  This opened up the peninsula as a large island with an unobstructed view

Moving a small wall 6” and putting in a pocket door.  This gave them ample room in their laundry room for a separate washer and dryer and another built-in closet to house a vacuum, broom, et al and without a door swing – we gained three more feet of space.

The existing cabinetry was painted a soft white as was the stairs going up to their loft. The island was enlarged and painted a medium-toned gray to break up the white. Walls were painted a soft bluish-green which really played beautifully with the white.  Off came the laminate countertops replaced with Cambria Ella – a white with flowing gray streaks.  We reupholstered the dining chairs to incorporate the new colors and an awesome rug tied it altogether in the living room.  We also installed stone around the fireplace to give it more of an organic outdoorsy feel rather than painted sheetrock and a piece of marble. I added shiplap panels on the wall going up the stairs – which brought in a casual element to the overall look and broke up the large expanse of a solid painted wall.

The overall completed design was exactly what she had in mind and ties in beautifully with the bedroom which was their primary ask.