What to Do With a Yellow Room

When I started working with Shelly, I picked up quickly that she had great taste and knew what she wanted.  She just didn’t know where to find it.  We started with decorating her master bedroom which was mostly yellow with just a bed and a very large black dresser that she wanted to keep.  She wanted the bedroom to be inviting and warm for her and her husband.

So I took my cue from the colors in her house in other areas which were warm golds with burgundy and blacks.  Installed a great textured grasscloth wallpaper on the majority of the walls to instantly bring interest and coziness to the room something that paint just can’t accomplish.  In order to take the attention off the black bed and dresser, I brought in a large rug rich in colors of golds, burgundy and fuchsia. I had a custom duvet cover made in a quilted gold silk that played off the gold drapery on the other side of the room.  I brought in three black Mongolian curly lamb pillows for the bed and instead of an ottoman at the foot of the bed, I found a narrow sofa with a rattan back in a distressed black.

Not having the back a solid piece of wood, really gave us an airy feeling for the sofa and lightened up the weight of the piece in the room.  It balanced out the dresser beautifully and gave her a great place to sit.  I reupholstered existing chairs to flank the windows and used her family pictures and sourced one piece of art. New window treatments diffused the light in the room.

I knew I had met the goal when she called to tell me the whole family was sitting in the bedroom because it was the most comfortable and beautiful room in the house.