Thinking Outside the Box

Clients Ed and Nancy from Hudson, WI interviewed me to remodel their master bathroom.  They had already had a contractor look at it and give them an estimate along with different versions to maximize this space.  However, Nancy wanted to talk to an Interior Designer with hopes of establishing a unique design with unique products.  After I presented my two layouts of the space, Ed pulled out the 12-14 designs that the remodeler had done.  Neither of my designs were repetitive.  Ed asked me how I came up with two totally different designs.  I explained it was because I think outside the box and look at the space as a whole on its own merits.  Not necessarily based what I’ve done in the past or what might be easiest.

The whole objective of the project was to give them a larger shower, a double vanity, more light as well as more room in the master closet.

Cocobello ended up giving them a huge shower with a ton of natural light, a double vanity and a beautifully designed closet – with more than enough space. It boiled down to moving a wall yet keeping major plumbing in the same location in order to save money and yet it doubled their closet size.  Nancy was ecstatic with the final product.  It was the first time she was able to walk up to her window and look out on her backyard.  In the past, she had to straddle the tub to even wash the windows.

Using a frameless shower door design really helped open up the space by eliminating the ugly metal strips.  Getting rid of the typical wood base and using a tile base gave the bathroom a luxurious feeling, plus it’s much easier to keep clean especially if water were to spill on the floor.  The rich contrast of the wood tones with the soft champagne tones of the tile meshed beautifully together while keeping it light and airy.  Investing in a well-designed closet is key to having an organized space, as everything gets a home.  Before the project began, I had my clients do editing of their clothing and accessories.

Remodeling is such a win-win when both the homeowners and designer work together to make the space work perfectly.